VFW Community Service

HELP & Please Share with all Commanders & Auxiliary,

Community Service for the 2018 – 2019 VFW year ends 15 April 2019.  Our goal, set at the 2018 Convention was 130,000 volunteer hours and $450,000 in funds spent in support. Remember in 2017 we reported 106,000 hours and $353,000; so the goal was/is realistic.

As of 31 January 2019 we have 67,023 hours and $68,558.62 reported. We are out in our communities helping at schools, churches, visiting veterans in prisons, parades, offering rides to VA on all islands, etc.

Commanders and Auxiliary from 16 April 2018 until 31 January 2019 the following Posts/Auxiliary have reported nothing. Or as Norbert says, “are rolling a donut”:

NO REPORT   94, 849,  3292,  3830,  3850,  3855,  3870, and 3875 

I’ve no report since June 2018 from the following; 1572  and 352

I’ve no report since October 2018 from 110

This is what is needed, monthly or quarterly:

# projects & hours; # of volunteers; # people assisted (if possible); #$ spent

For some Posts/Auxiliary, you have included mileage (American Samoa and Big Island for example). Please continue.  Comrades what we do is important and worth letting people know about. We are better than the above totals show. 

Need help? Call me at 808 – 227 – 3773 or email me lockwood0849@gmail.com. Mahalo.

Ron Lockwood

chair, Community Service