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October 25, 2017 ~ Congressional Gold Medal to Filipino World War II Veterans

July 6, 2017 – Oahu Veterans Center Vandalism
Aloha All Board and Council Members,

As you all know, here are the Oahu Veterans Center, we pride ourselves in taking care of our flags in all the halls. These flags must remain in our halls at all times. However, it came to our attention that the National flag and State flag in Ballard Hall have been replaced by worn and used flags that are not the standard size we display. In addition, the eagle topper for the National flag has been removed and the pole for the State flag is not ours. The past few weeks have been busy with events around the island for our veterans and I understand the importance of having presentable flags for parades, dinners and meetings. Once we realized our flags were taken without permission, we hoped that they would be returned to us after said events. However, this is not the case and I am appealing to those who took our flags, to return or replace them.

Kind regards

Claire L. Levinson
Executive Director