April-June 2023

April 2023

Date Event
1 Scout of the Year Post entries to Department
1 National Certificate of Recognition list due (Department to National)
4 End of Operation Homecoming, POW return from Vietnam 1973: Ceremony at Hickam Field
VFW Post 970 Staff Meeting: Moved to March due to Operation Homecoming
7 Good Friday (State Holiday)
13 VFW Post 970 Meeting: (Election of Post Officers) Oahu Veterans Center
15 Community Service Report for December 1 – April 31 due to Department
30 VFW Post Special Project & Fred C. Hall Award submission (Department to National)
30 VFW National Outstanding Community Service Post submission(s) (Department to National)
30 Audit due to Department

May 2023

Date Event
1 VFW Commemorative date: Loyalty Day
1 Scout of the year Department entry due to National
2 VFW Post 970 Leadership Meeting: Oahu Veterans Center
8 VFW Commemorative date: VE Day, German surrender WWII signed 1945
11 VFW Post 970 Meeting: Oahu Veterans Center
15 National Peace Officers Memorial Day
20 Armed Forces Day
27 Buddy Poppy Drive: NEX
28 Buddy Poppy Drive: Hickam Commissary
TBD Candlelight Service: National Memorial of the Pacific at Punchbowl
29 Memorial Day Holiday Observed
29 Memorial Day Ceremonies: WWII Memorial, Korean/Vietnam Memorial, National Memorial of the Pacific at Punchbowl, Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery
30 VFW Commemorative date: Memorial Day Traditionally
30 VFW Department Community Service Report due (Department to National)
30 VFW Post 970 Leadership Meeting: Oahu Veterans Center (Moved due to State Convention)

June 2023

Date Event
1 Post Election Reports due to National
1 VFW Post 970 Meeting: OVC (Moved due to State Convention)
6 VFW Commemorative date: D Day, Allied invasion of Europe WWII 1944
8-10 VFW Department of Hawaii Convention: Location TBD
10 Council of Administration (COA) Meeting: Location TBD
12 King Kamehameha I Day (State Holiday)
14 U.S. Army 249th Birthday, Established 1775
14 Flag Day
19 Juneteeth Holiday
27 VFW Post 970 Leadership Meeting: (Move from July 4th) Oahu Veterans Center